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Give Some LOVE to Your Walls!!

Hi!! I’m Andrés, I'm a Colombian photographer. I was born in Bogota, Colombia, but I had the privilege of growing up in the mountains, a place where I learned to see the world as a constant changing state through light. It has had a deep influence on the way I perceive life and nature. 

Since 2012 my passion for images has been developing; for me, photography is a tool to create, to tell stories, transmit emotions, and perhaps old memories. To share my perspective of life with the viewer and arouse a relationship with the public and its gaze.



Working with light is an art. Light has a particular way of transforming how we view something, by making visible the invisible.

Creating images is a means of communication that allows one to connect.


As a photographer, I have had the chance to work in various fields of photography such as: product photography, portrait, fashion, food photography, wedding photography, landscape, and architecture photography.


I also have had the opportunity to work around the world in places like : Bogota - Colombia, Antwerp-Belgium, and ParisFrance. During which I was part of editorials and commercial advertising campaigns that have allowed me to improve my skills, work ethic and overall professional expertise.

A Life Experience

I made my first solo trip to Europe in 2018. I spent a spring-summer in France working on an organic farm and being completely vegan; I met incredible people there and the French culture that always inspires me. 

An experience that changed my perspective on life and it made me feel more connected with myself and the universe.

Discovering, learning, and sharing with people is something I want to do for the rest of my life with a camera in my hand.


For most of my life there were pets in our house while I was growing up, so I like animals and being outdoors enjoying nature.

I have a personal preference for working with sunlight; this natural light has the quality of being organic and more faithful to my vision. I like to describe my work as a narrative inspired by the emotions of yesteryear; the storytelling technique allows me to do that.


Photography is my profession but is also my passion and I love doing it. I have some personal projects as a hobby with nature photography and street photo, some of these images are available as prints ...


What you should expect

I believe in the power of the image to communicate, connect and change, I admire the quality of photography to save memory and capture the fleeting moment, because a scene is never the same, just as an image never repeats itself.


I consider important the commitment to excellence, the honesty of a job well done, as well as the integral treatment with the client in each of the processes to achieve a fair result of the project to be developed, a relationship of trust.

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