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As part of the Andres Ospina Photography service, you can also customize the style of your photography session for weddings and couples through the following presets designed for this occasion.


If you are a photographer you can have access to the use of these presets designed to give a touch of Fine Art to your photographs, contact me in the CONTACT tab (subject acquire presets)

Green Bordeaux by Andres Ospina

This color palette is based on the complementary chromatic play, red - green, where the red primary color is strong and resembles wine, on the contrary we can find a green with a soft and pastel hue.

Alpine Green by Andres Ospina

This preset is designed for lovers of cold and contrasting tones, green being the main color looking for a slight modern monochrome of the cold landscape, this preset is perfect for rustic outdoor weddings

Toscana Green by Andres Ospina

This beautiful preset is highlighted by the presence of olive greens and golden yellows, an analogous color palette, which recalls the vintage style of photography in neutral colors.

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